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The legend of the white serpent 0

The white and blue-green snake sisters in the Legend of Madam White Snake are among my favourite Beijing Opera roles. The story is about two snake demons;  Madam White Snake [ Bai SuZhen ] and her confidant Blue-Green Snake [ Xiao Qingwho ] who strive to become Goddesses by taking human form and do good deeds.

Me in the role of the Lady White Snake Bai SuZhen

They constantly battle a sorcerer called FaHai who wishes to destroy all demons. Bai SuZhen meets a young scholar [ Xu Xian ] and they fall in love. He is unaware that she is really a white snake and they marry. However the unnatural marriage brings disaster to their village and when Bai SuZhen’s origins are revealed she is imprisoned forever in a deep well under a pagoda. It is a lovely story full of action, romance and great characters.

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