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Steamed blue swimmer crab 1

I cooked this Sunday evening as a reward for working hard on my assignments.

I picked some nice looking fresh crabs from the Sydney Fish Market. In my opinion the best way to have fresh crab is simply steamed with a ginger, vinegar and sesame oil dipping sauce. That way you can really appreciate the subtle flavours of the crab.

Here’s how to prepare it. Nothing could be simpler…

  • If you don’t have a steamer, pour water into a large pot
  • Make sure there is enough water to last the steaming
  • Place a bowl in it with a plate on top to form a platform
  • Place the crab on the plate
  • Cover and bring to the boil. Steam for around 15 minutes
  • Meantime finely chop some ginger
  • Add around 100 mls of vinegar with around 20 mls of sesame oil
  • Check how the crab is doing and remove from the pot
  • Garnish with coriander and serve

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, try it with some Aussie Blue Sake!

Mushroom hotpot 2

Succulent black chicken simmering with wild mushrooms in a delicious chicken stock. Popular in Beijing.

Scattering flowers in heaven 0

My performance for Chinese New Year Feb. 2009 in Haymarket, Sydney Australia. I have been overseas studying for a long time and haven’t had much opportunity to practice. However I hope that my performance helps Chinese young people  living overseas understand and appreciate traditional Chinese culture.

Picking up a jade bracelet 0

A short performance at Haymarket, Sydney, Australia Chinese New Year 2009. “Picking up a jade bracelet.” Performed on the same day as “Scattering flowers in heaven”. I brought my costumes and make up from China. When I earn more money I will purchase more beautiful Beijing Opera costumes. Stay posted.

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